About Us

We have been operating various online business for over 15 years. We have opened this store to take advantage of two fast evolving technologies.  

1) The current printing technology available allows fabulous high quality printing on canvas that provides a huge array of beautiful, high quality art work that is only limited by human imagination.

2)  The rapidly advancing logistic technology now has truly made the world a smaller place and items can be sourced overseas and  shipped quickly without the need to stockpile large inventories domestically. This results in minimal overhead and allows us to offer fantastic prices on quality items to our customers.

We spend a lot of time ensuring that the vendors we use are reliable and provide quality products. That is the essential part of our business because if that part of the equation fails then we will not survive since consumers have many choices when shopping online.

Your satisfaction is vital to our success! If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact us support@canvasfrenzy.com.


Your Canvas Frenzy Support Team